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[LFP][Homebrew System][Playtesting] Harry Potter GM-less Hogwarts storytelling game loosely based on Fall of Magic

Hello there! I'm looking for fans of Harry Potter interested in two things: First , playing in a GM-less cooperative storytelling game set in Hogwarts where we follow our own cast of characters through their magical education. Plot arcs for what will drive the drama will be developed as a group. Ideally we will play through an entire seven years of in-game time, taking as much or as little time to get through it as we see fit. Second , refining the freeform rules I've created for play. This will include, but not be limited to: creating scene prompts for different play areas around the castle, plot prompts for what conflicts will drive the drama each school year, providing feedback, and collaborating to develop additional rules and assets to help us play and tell a story we can enjoy and potentially share with others. So far I have done one playtest session with a friend where we developed a cast of about eight characters to use and had a lot of fun getting through our first weeks at Hogwarts with them. I'd like very much to try the concept more with a larger group. For an idea of what I'm basing this off, check out these videos of kids and adults playing Fall of Magic - while the setting is quite different, I'm going for a similar structure of play. This is a simple game that can be explained in a couple minutes and should be accessible to anyone. Please let me know here if you're interested! I plan on using Roll20 as our game client with chat and voice run on Discord. Other Expectations - this is to be an inclusive group where everyone treats each other with respect. Constructive feedback and honesty with my fellow players is something I strive for. If any issues arise please approach me about them.
Hey, I'm very interested in trying it out! I'm quite new to Roll20 but I'd LOVE to play. I've been a long time HP fan and I live in Europe (UTC+2) Would that be okay? ^ ^

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Hi Sev! I suppose that will depend on your availability in relation to other prospective players. I'm EST (UTC-5) but very flexible on time, accommodating European players shouldn't be an issue for me.
Your game sounds incredibly interesting and I would love to join! I have some experience with D&D5e, and love Harry Potter. I'm MST (UTC-7) but I am also very flexable. :)
I tend to stay out late anyway so I don't mind at all, really. Available around the clock! My Discord is Sev#6924 if you use it for playing (or you can just contact me there easier since I forget to check Roll20 more than once a day)
Sure let's get you two on a discord channel... hopefully I can find at least one more, four people always feels like a comfortable number to me with games.
Oh! I'm super interested in this! I've been wanting to play a harry potter related campaign for a while, AND a campaign where the characters grow up. I'm in CST.
Hey there, not sure if you're still looking for peeps but I'm willing to give this a shot. Sounds fun. :D
Wonderful, I've sent everyone PMs with discord info.