Greetings! Today, we pushed out some code! Quick-Removal of Fanburst and Soundcloud We added a feature to quickly remove your Fanburst and Soundcloud tracks from your games. These tracks are now greyed out in the Jukebox, and there is a button to quickly and easily remove all unavailable tracks from your game. You'll be prompted after clicking the button to confirm that you want these tracks removed from your game. Known Issues (Updated Feb 26) The message, button, and confirmation message have not been translated yet, but will be shortly. Bug Fixes When you select a default grid color from the game settings page, the grid will no longer display as transparent. Character Sheets 5e by Roll20 Charactermancer Level Up now supports bonus hit points by level for hill dwarves and draconic sorcerers. Please note that the Charactermancer Creator does not support these yet; you'll need to make sure your hit points are correct before starting to level up. Also, if your hill dwarf's subrace was manually entered in the Race/Subrace fields, it may not be "read" properly when launching the Charactermancer Level Up. Hill dwarf is in the SRD, so please drag and drop it onto your character sheet to make sure all of its features are enabled. Star Trek Adventures by Roll20 v1.5 Bug fix: ship torpedo weapons don't add Ship's Scale to damage anymore Feature request: chat roll template now shows a result of 0 on Challenge Dice. Internal: version upgrade sheet workers. Pathfinder by Roll20 v1.26 PC sheet: Bug fix: Spell-like abilities "rolls" for multiclassed spellcasters don't show 2nd spellcaster class name anymore. NPC sheet: "null" ("-") values for abilities (STR, DEX ...) are now handled. If you haven't read the road map, check it out  here . Looking for previous release notes?  Read the full list on the wiki , or check out the immediate previous  note .