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unviewable player to GM rolls

I was thinking about this earlier today and think it might be worthwhile to discuss it, but depending on how character sheets are implemented it might be unnecessary. Would others besides myself find it convenient if there was a type of roll that sent the result to the GM without the player who sent it seeing the result? The reason being that there are some rolls, particularly in D&D, that are meant to be rolled secretly, such as disable device. While it's possible as a GM I coul make a macro for that, I am also a bit worried that my players would feel as though I am taking some level of agency out of their hands (Perhaps they would feel better with the result if they themselves rolled it, even if they can't see it). So what do others think? Would it just be better to make a macro for that type of roll? do other games have similar rolls that have to be made in secret for players? Or would this be a legitimately useful roll to implement into roll 20 alongside the normal rolls and gm rolls?
Could the player ask for the gm to roll? I think I might be confused. Would a simple /gr or /gmroll work for this?
The issue is there are certain actions where you're not supposed to let the person know the result they got, such as disable device checks and disguise checks, the player could do those with /gmroll however they would see their own result. While it is true that the DM could do the roll for them, I'm wondering if others might like the idea of the player being able to do their own roll, but simply not seeing the result they got.

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I think you are overcomplicating this a bit. How would you do it in a F2F session? The player would probably say somehting like "My PC will try X." And then you, the GM, would make the roll for him/her. You can do the exact thing in Roll20. If this is not how it would go in your F2F session, then how would you do it?