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D&D 5e Darker Dungeons (Character Sheet v2)


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Welcome to Darker Dungeons , a  brand new  character sheet compatible with any D&D 5e game! This sheet was built to better support Giffyglyph's Darker Dungeons 5e ruleset (but can be used easily with any standard 5e game), and features: A brand new layout and design. 6 carefully laid-out tabs, panels, and options. Full compatibility with any D&D 5e game. Wounds, survival conditions, and stress. Easy equipment tracking using either weight or inventory slots. Options to toggle individual DARKER DUNGEONS modules on and off. Full drag-and-drop compendium support. NPC support. And more. Find it by searching for  D&D 5E (Darker Dungeons)  in the roll20 sheet list. You can also try out a working preview HERE  to see if it's a good fit for your game. If you have any feedback or discover any issues, please let me know. Thanks!
Hi, I'm using your sheet for one of my games, but it appears that the base stats aren't correlating correctly to the skills. For instance, Persuasion which is a wisdom stat, and is marked as a wisdom stat, is being correlated to the Charisma stat. 
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I like the inventory section very much.
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Phil said: Persuasion which is a wisdom stat, and is marked as a wisdom stat, is being correlated to the Charisma stat.&nbsp; Ah good spot, that skill was mislabelled. Thanks, this has been updated (along with a number of other tweaks/fixes/extensions) and the code is awaiting merge:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> .
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keithcurtis said: I like the inventory section very much. Thanks! Being able to create little containers and drag/drop items around freely is strangely engrossing.
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The character sheet has now been updated to v2.1 , featuring a new page for dedicated notes, extra panels for additional resources/modifiers, and a variety of bug fixes. Changelog: Fixed monster import: can now drop monsters onto the battlemap correctly Fixed global modifiers to match OGL sheet Added global AC modifiers Added toggle for intelligence as initiative Added repeating field for extra resources Fixed rounding error on inventory sizes Fixed rolltemplate character name rendering Added new notes page Show correct ability scores when modified (per the OGL sheet) Added advantage/whisper toggle buttons to PC/NPC Fixed missing modifier in attack rolltemplate Increased size of personality/bond boxes
I'm using some modules in my campaing. Awesome ruleset BTW. Can I make a request? Would be awesome if in the "aflictions" selection a "custom" buttom, so we could create our own afflictions. For example, some minor effects that would not affect the rolls, but the roleplay of a character. Keep the good work and thanks!
Any chance for Charactermancer support? I love the sheet and rules otherwise.

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I'm not sure if this can be/is implemented, but I'd really appreciate for the NPC attacks/saves to have a seperate button for the 22-based DC? Otherwise, the Active defense/saves module is kind of pointless, cause the GM will roll the attack roll regardless, so might as well use it? Edit: Also, can we have the added resources numbers editable without having to click the cog? Feels like a step back from how the original one works. Edit 2: Just noticed the same for items. Quantity can sometimes change pretty often, like several potions of Healing (if they don't use flasks)
Love the sheet, we've been testing out the system the past few weeks and I my players have a few requests / suggestions.&nbsp; - Experience: We're not using the DD system for Training / Experience, it'd be great to be able to revert this to the standard xxx / xxx per level. - Vision and Movement: It would be nice to be able to have a place to put vision ranges and movement speeds (similar to Shaped 5e) - Prepared Spells: It would be awesome if we could see the # of prepared spells available, and see how many are prepared (minus cantrips of course)