Greetings! This morning, we pushed out some code! Bugs Fixed Image Uploads Outside the VTT : A major frustration for many users (and admins!) in the past has been the fact that images have been very unreliable when uploading. You'll often try to upload an image to a game forum or the community forums, and the upload would fail with no warning. Well, we finally found the issue, and fixed it!  Images should now be able to upload much more reliably. Card deck display issues when the card size is set to 0: the card deck would not be visible when the card size was 0; now card decks have a minimum size. Animations no longer have a "blurred frame" (HOTFIX)  - When the Animations and AFoW changes went out, there were several Known Issues to be fixed, and one of the top ones was an issue in which animations would have one blurry frame. This was caused by the low-resolution preview frame being loaded in the animation. New animations will no longer have the single low-res frame (unless you made one, of course). If you have uploaded animations and experienced this issue, you'll need to re-upload your animations to fix them. Animations purchased in the marketplace will be fixed soon; if you've dragged an animation from the marketplace into your game, you will need to re-add it to the game after they are fixed. Enhancement New Tabletop Audio Tracks - Stables, Shanghai 1930s, Forest: Day, Dark Angel, Medieval Fair Character Sheets 5e Sheet by Roll20: Animal Handling & Sleight of Hand not showing Monster Drag & Drop - refactored this to improve the overall programming and making it more efficient. If you haven't read the road map, check it out  here . Looking for previous release notes?  Read the full list on the wiki , or check out the immediate previous  note .