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Two or more accounts on same connection


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Hi, I post this because I didn't find anything similar on the forum. I am playing with my friend Jack and others. Jack and me uses two different accounts, two different laptops but we share the same connections (wifi). I (just myself) experienced lots of disconnections from the game and lag issues during the session, while his playing is not suffering. I also tried to simulate the situation, using just my very laptop, one account on chrome and the other in firefox, no other devices connected on the wifi aaaaand the issue does occur - just for one of the two accounts, beware. So I am asking: What is the problem? is this just meant to be this way? IP issues? is there a workaround, besides using different wifis? Thanks Alessandro
Hi Alessandro, For this issue are you getting the red disconnection box at the top left or are you being kicked out of the game? Does this persist in any game or only the one game? Thanks!
Hi Despar, I am getting both the red box and lag issues. It persists with any game.
Is this a wifi connection that you have control over to check the router proper to check any problems? On the mention of different wifi connections, do you have access to a second wifi network? It would be worthwhile to check if the problem persists on a different network to narrow down if it might be network specific.

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Drespar, yes I have control over the wifi - What to check exactly? Yes I have access to a different wifi network: mobile phone tethering - and I had never had issue this way. Update: I tried yesterday and some minutes ago to move things around with just 2 accounts connected to the game, one from firefox, the other from chrome - no issue happened, at least I tried for 10 minutes. It seems the issue doesn't occur instantly when the 2nd account connects. Could it be some temporary problem in my ISP? router issue? (As an IT developer I know the problem is hard to fix when it's even hard to reproduce...let me know what information/logs I can send ;) )