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Turalynn: 5E Campaign Reviving


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A tough but welcoming D&D 5E campaign that welcomes those new to 5E or new to the hobby. Play a human seeking out the answers to where all the demi-humans talked about in ancient stories went.  Or defend your village against those who would come in and steal those ancient artifacts. Episode Zero: The Artifact We'll work with **Xanathar's** and get your characters built and backstoried. You'll have a little time to go on a milk run for the Shire Reeve and test drive your character.  Like it? Great!  Don't like it? Make another. The real campaign starts with **Episode 1**. See the campaign discussion for additional details.
Hi Kevin, where can I find additional details for your game?
Hello Kevin, I would also like more details? Is XotG the only book we are allowed to use?
In the spirit of Colville, I'm allowing Player's Handbook + 1, and the +1 is Xanathar's Guide to Everything.
And Silver, a description of the setting and house rules can be read in the listing here.&nbsp;<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Gotcha. I was doing a search for a weekday night. Thanks and good luck.

Edited 1552186810
No problem Silver, thanks for having a look.&nbsp; For the rest of you, it's alternate Sunday afternoon 3-6 PM EST USA.