This game will require payment to the Game Master at a rate of $15 USD per Player per session, via Paypal. Roll20 is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements. Adventure Background The borderlands south of the Drakespine Mountains have always been a rugged and uncivilized wilderness. Powerful brigands, bandit chiefs, and minor robber-barons squabble over isolated petty-kingdoms and fiefs, and centuries of eviction from the neighboring lands have forced all kinds of monstrous creatures to seek refuge in this region. Raids from the Orcish and Goblinoid tribes and warbands of the south are an ever-present threat, often driving out any warlord who dares stakes a claim, and rumors hold that even more frightening creatures lurk in the ancient forests that surround the region - especially across the dark waters of the Wyrmwine River. Nonetheless, the lands here are rich: fertile farmlands, lush forests, untapped hills full of precious metals, and ruins of long-since dead civilizations and colonies dot the landscape. One of these fiefs, a small village known as Wyrmsrest, has recently been purchased by a former guildsman and dwarf of some reputation, Khaladar 'Goldhair'. After returning to the World's Edge Inn &amp; Trading Post, Khaladar meets with the four adventurers hired to escort his next supply caravan, giddy with some newfound news and clutching a small scroll-case at his side. Khaladar departs at first light, taking his two friends (and bodyguards) with him, eager to return to Wyrmsrest as soon as possible, and is followed shortly later by said caravan. The party is tasked with ensuring safe delivery, and each knows from experience that these sort of jobs never seem to go as planned. About the DM My name is Grady, and I've been DMing on Roll20 for almost 5 years now. With over 8,000 hours logged on Roll20 (all but a couple campaigns spent as a DM), I've run a dozen or so long-term campaigns, have become exceptionally familiar with Roll20's various systems, and have accumulated a library of artwork and tools from the marketplace.&nbsp; As a DM, my style is fairly laid-back, as nothing is more enjoyable than a night of laughing and joking around with 4 other people who love the game, but am ready to reign in the game in more serious arcs. Furthermore, I believe that my job as a DM is to expertly craft a diverse, immersive world for the players to explore at their leisure, and it's the job of the players to dictate where, when, and what happens. I almost always run a persistent world, with a Roll20-Scripted calendar that dictates much of the events of the world. This means that while the party can sit idly by, the world will go on around you, which I feel creates a much more immersive and enjoyable experience that highlights the lasting consequences or rewards of the actions of the player. Campaign &amp; Setting Style I've found that one of the best ways to get the players involved in the world is through encouraging them to participate in world-building. While the area around which the campaign takes place is fully crafted and detailed, much of the rest of the world is deliberately left in a skeleton-format, with many major details outlined but many minor details left available for the players to assist in crafting through backstories and plot development.&nbsp; As a DM, my settings are greatly inspired by other universes such as Warhammer Fantasy Tabletop, the Dragon Age series, other various RPGs, as well as successful DnD modules and books such as the Lost Mines of Phandelver, Storm Kings Thunder, and The Elder Evils. The worlds I craft tend to follow along the lines of Grimdark Fantasy, pitting the players in moral conundrums without a clear absolute "good and evil". While senseless brutality is a rare sight, many people are ultimately out for themselves and those they care about in a place in which surviving is a feat in and of itself. That being said, the players may well confront racism, gruesome acts of violence and horror, etc. If there are any concerns, *please* bring them up with the DM beforehand. I'm happy to hear any concerns with zero judgement given, period. What to expect From the Campaign: - This adventure is geared for characters level 1 through 5, and will take place in a detailed Homebrew world, with further information supplied after initial contact. - The party will consist of 4-6 players. - Sessions will average about 4 hours in length. - The campaign is expected to run for 6-10 weeks, though it may be longer or shorter depending upon the choices made by the party. - The campaign will be played over Discord, and payment is to be made over Paypal. - The campaign will ideally be played in the afternoons or evenings, and will be **PST based.** - **The day of the week will be decided based upon availability of the party members. A weekend game would be ideal, but I'm happy to work with anything except Friday evenings! - New players are absolutely welcome! There's nothing more enjoyable than introducing new players to DnD, and I'm happy to help anyone learn the game! :) From the DM: - As a DM, I believe in crafting a world, and allowing the players to roam freely. Because of this style, almost every encounter, creatures, etc., has been determined based upon the premise of crafting a realistic world. Players will be given warnings, should they stray into much greater danger than they are prepared for, but any location and arc can be explored at any time. Retreat is always a sound strategy should the party get in too far over their heads, and I only pull punches in exceptional circumstances (such as a glaring DM mistake).&nbsp; - Having much of my experience in DnD with 3.5, I've learned that there are *far* too many rules to expect anyone to know *everything*, all of the time. During the game, if someone slips up and forgets something here and there, it's no big deal, and I'll likely make the same mistake myself at least once or twice! While the rules are there to guide us, there are always situations and considerations to be made surrounding certain events, so some flexibility is always great to have.&nbsp; From the players - Punctuality is a necessity in a group-game such as DnD. While it is absolutely understandable if things come up, notice must be given at least 24 hours in advance if you are unable to make the session. If you're simply going to be running a few minutes late, please give notice as soon as possible. If this becomes a consistent issue for the party, then further steps to remedy the timings must be taken, and may ultimately result in a player being dropped if it continues. -&nbsp; The difficulty level of this campaign is going to require solid teamwork and cooperation from the players, as well as wise decision-making in combat. This does NOT mean that minmaxing is required at all, but it does mean that blindly rushing into a dangerous situation will result in the expected consequences and repercussions. The world is a punishing place for fresh adventurers, so be careful! - Players are encouraged to participate in the world, and their characters. While this absolutely does not require voice-acting, involvement and investment in a character and the world around them are definitely keys to a great session and party. - Stable microphone, internet, and ability to use Discord. - No Player versus Player actions without prior discussion and approval.&nbsp; - Be a team player.&nbsp; - Payment will be required to be made through Paypal before the session (by the midnight *before* the game-day) so appropriate preparation and plans may be made if someone can't make it (session skip, refunds, etc.) From the characters - Character starting level is *2*, 27 point buy. - Resources are allowed from Player's Handbook, Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide, Volo's Guide to Monsters, and Unearthed Arcana (check with the DM first if it's not listed here, I'm happy to accommodate!) - Ability scores will be based on Standard Array. - Starting items will be normal starting equipment from class and background. Finally, and unfortunately, a disclaimer: This campaign is meant to provide an enjoyable experience for anyone who wishes to participate. Any sort of discrimination, 'hate', exceptionally rude behavior, etc., will be met with a single warning, then removal from the campaign if the behavior continues. We're all here to have fun, and there's enough negativity in the world without bringing it to the table. Thanks in advance, and looking forward to the campaign! If interested, here's a link to my LFG listing (which includes contact information) and I hope to hear from you soon! :) <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>