Greetings Sheet Authors, This post is intended to be a quick reference for developments related to Character Sheet building/upkeep/function and updates to Compendium Data. Compendium Data will primarily be of interest to sheet authors using such functions as Drag & Drop. We are currently in the process of standardizing our compendium data so changes happen relatively quickly. We will do our best to keep this post updated when changes occur. Character Sheets October 2018 - Building Character Sheets Wiki & GitHub Updates December 2018 - Sheet Worker: Action Buttons January 2019 - Charactermancer Available to Sheet Developers April 2019 - Cypher Systems by Roll20 April 2019 - Chronicles of Darkness sheet is getting translation keys May 2019 - Starfinder CRB released and Alien Archive monsters now have functional spells 5e D&D Compendium Data data-Spells added to list both innate and spells a monster has for drag and drop handling. Content  data field has been deprecated. Spell Book  data field has been deprecated Damage Vulnerabilities  data field found on Tome of Beast monsters has been removed. Vulnerabilities  attribute was added to be consistent with other expansion monsters. Desc  attribute found blobs for Ravnica's Circle of Spores  and Domain Order  was removed. These descriptions were moved to the Traits  attribute to be consistent with other expansions data. Volo's and Mordenkainen's races received large updates; too many to list. They now have structured data for charactermancer. Simic Hybrids  from Ravnica have been updated with additional blobs for their abilities.