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Token Speed Displays as Decimal

I used to be able to set the speed entry on a token and enter it as, for example, 40/80 to show both a walking speed of 40 and a flying speed of 80. Not sure when the change took place but sometime in the last week or two this was changed to now read the / as a calculation and my token speed is now displaying as 0.5 instead of 40/80. Please revert this change.

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Stephanie B.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
Luke, Can you post a screen shot? Tokens don't really have a "speed," but if you're using the token bars to represent speed, it would help for us to know how you're using them, so we can try to accommodate that.
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I cannot reproduce this. My tokens continue to display 40/80. Luke, are you running any third party plug in or external script that might be interfering?
No external plugins or scripts running. Happening on both Chrome and Firefox.
After playing around a bit, removing the 'speed' dropdown and setting it to None instead properly displays 40/80.
Luke said: After playing around a bit, removing the 'speed' dropdown and setting it to None instead properly displays 40/80. This does mean of course that you can make it work but renders the 'speed' drop down option useless.
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Ah, with those parameters, I can confirm this behavior. It seems to want to strip out any non-numeric character and perform any implied mathematical operation. 40/60 yields .66666 40\60 yields 4060 40-60 yields -20 The only thing I have found that is even close to working is /40/60 which yields /40/60 Out of curiosity, what sheet are you using? None of the compendium creatures use that format of x/y. They simply list the speed as a full string: "x ft. y ft flying". And the Roll20 sheet uses npc_speed for monsters.  Is this a format you are manually inputting on PCs?

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I use the 5e OGL sheet. I've been manually inputting it that way for named NPC's so I can see at a glance what they have for different speed types. Never knew there was a npc_speed line, I'll try that out.
Hi Luke, please let us know if this issue is resolved for you.
Seems like keithcurtis was able to confirm there's an issue but there's sufficient workarounds here that my issue has been resolved. Thanks.