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Looking for some specific tokens

Hi all, I am one of the people behind UESRPG, blindhamster. I run a few games at this time and after years of in person gaming or over skype gaming we decided to upgrade and switch to roll20, now I had a look at tokens and am struggling to find anything that really fits the sort of stuff I need. Just wondering if anyone could suggest token sets that would help create: Dunmer, Altmer, Argonians, Khajiit? I think the human races and bosmer could probably be covered by existing token sets probably. Then also same question for iconic monsters of the setting? Suggestions would be great, or maybe some content creators could make some stuff thats inspired by those concepts? (I recognize that you cannot make those specifically as you'd not be able to sell them, but cat people? grey elves, gold elves and lizardmen (that don't just look like monsters)?
Brian C.
Marketplace Creator
Hi Alisdair s., Many (most?) of the fantasy tokens here are mostly skewed towards D&D and PF in terms of their races. You should have some people chiming in soon, though. My  Zeitgeist NPC Token Pack  could help with Altmer and Argonians, but that is about it. Good luck!
Thanks! I'll have another look around!

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So I had a go at sorting out my own: I think I'll probably add green or red circles to tokens for a bit of a Baldur's gate feel