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[LFG][D&D 5E]Looking for a LGBTQ+ friendly group.

Hello all! So, I'm looking for a new group to play with. After a couple years playing together real life forced my last group to dissolve. I have a been playing D&D for the last couple years and have built up a decent amount of experience now. I am an avid Critical Role fan and became a D&D fan thanks to the show. I know the ins and outs of Roll20 and discord, and have played a wide variety of classes, characters, and adventures. Right now I'm looking for a group playing either Friday nights starting after 6pm CST, or Saturdays around the same time. I love games with a mix of combat and rp leaning slightly towards rp perhaps. High fantasy hombrews or official D&D modules is where I've had most my experience and the areas I seem to enjoy the most. Now a little about me. I'm in my 30's and a transgender woman (mtf). I want to be upfront with this because my voice is not the most feminine, but I'm working on it. With this is mind I'm hoping to either find a group of other members of the LGBTQ+ community to play with, or a group friendly to our community. In advance I'm not the type that is easily offended so slips with pronouns are not going to set me off. I simply want a group that wants to have fun playing some D&D and is accepting of people different from themselves. Well i think I have covered every. If you have a questions or are interested in having me join your group please let me know. Thank for your interest and even if we never play together good luck with all your games!
Hello! I don't have a group but I'm definitely interested in forming one if enough people are interested! I'm still fairly new to D&D and only started playing a couple of months ago since, like you, Critical Role really inspired me to get into it. Right now I have another campaign going every other Saturday, but Friday would be perfect for me to join in. I've got a few character ideas that I really want to put into practice. I've gotten the taste of combat but I really want to keep stretching my role-playing legs. About Me: I'm 24, cis gay man in the EST time zone. My schedule changes every few months but Friday evenings should stay fairly consistent with whatever my work is doing. Hope to hear back from you, but if not best of luck finding a group!
Hi i would be interested! Im a cis gay man (married with kids) i can do friday evenings.  I can GM. I would be new at it, but am looking tok get some exp.
Glad there are others interested. Hopefully we can either find a group looking for people or find a couple more people for our own group.
Hello. My name is Morgan (cis male). I could run a game that sound like it is in your interests. Must it be on Friday/night or Saturday? Those are high volume days that are currently filled on my docket. As I work from home, I can write my schedule. I could certainly run for you on Tuesday/night, Wednesday/night, or Thursday/night and would be happy to do so. Please keep me in mind.
Sadly those are the only nights I can really devote enough time to play on.
I'm interested in joining if there's room
Hey, I'm really interested too!  My name is Amy (I know, original user name =) ), I'm also a transwoman, and I think it would be wonderful to find an inclusive group for some fun times! you can find me on discord: AmyArwyn#5026
Hello Amy! Hopefully this can work out and we can have some fun!
My Discord is StilesAD #0494 if anyone wants to add me! Happy to see a good amount of interest and would love to see if we could get a group going
Mine is lightmare#5337

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I am thinking about starting a new campaign set in Forgotten Realms saturday evenings (6pm cst). If interested PM and we will go from there. And yes the game is free lol.
My discord is wickedpixel#7502
wickedpixel said: My discord is wickedpixel#7502 So do you want me to add you to my discored channel? and if so how do I do that?

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scott h. said: wickedpixel said: My discord is wickedpixel#7502 So do you want me to add you to my discord channel? and if so how do I do that? Right now it seems like most the people wanting to play are interested in playing on Friday nights not Saturday. So not sure if that changes your interest in DMing. Also I have had a few people express interest in playing Curse of Strahd so again not sure if that's what you wanted to do or not. Also to everyone else. I'm still figuring things out and trying to get enough people interested in the same setting on the same day. So please if you are still interested let me know if you are ok with Curse of Strahd, which day you'd like to play the most, and if you are available for either Friday night, Saturday night, or both. Again game will start around 6pm CST on which ever night we play.

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I can do Strahd. DM'ed the old adventure Ravenloft ages ago. But having watched a ton of Hotel Transylvania I might play Strahd as Drac"blah blah blah" lol. Friday nights should work and I only take a max of 4 players.
I haven't played Curse of Strahd so I'm definitely willing to start in that setting and Friday nights are better for me than Saturdays. 6pm Central is fine with me since I'm EST.