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Change Request for Delta Green Character Sheet by Marco M

@Marco M, I really like the way the format that rolls are outputted from your Delta Green character sheet, but is there any way that the output can be made to match the virtual dice rolls? I'm guessing from the fact that the "actual" rolls are one off the reported rolls that you don't care to keep the virtual dice visible, but I feel it adds to my game. I've tried to puzzle out a way to rewrite the macros to get the result I want, but so far I've been defeated. Here is a sample of one of the button rolls: &{template:dg}{{name=Dodge roll}} {{normal_d=[[floor(@{selected|dodge}/10)]]}} {{impossible_d=[[floor(@{selected|dodge}/10)-4]]}}{{hard_d=[[floor(@{selected|dodge}/10)-2]]}}{{easy_d=[[floor(@{selected|dodge}/10)+2]]}}{{trivial_d=[[floor(@{selected|dodge}/10)+4]]}} {{normal_u=[[@{selected|dodge}%10]]}}  {{roll1=[[1d10-1]]}} {{roll2=[[1d10-1]]}}  So the question is is there any other way to get a 0-9 roll without rolling a ten and subtracting one? (And that would keep the die roll matching the chat result, of course.)
Sheet Author
I'm not the sheet author, and don't use this sheet, so I might not be understanding correctly. That said, If your concern that the dice are rolling d10 and subtracting one, and you want them to roll 0 to 9, so that they match the 3d dice, unfortunately there's no way to do this. The closest thing you could get is to create a rollable table, give it 10 entries, numbered 0 to 9, and use that instead of the 1d10-1 roll. Unfortunately that wouldnt trigger the 3d dice at all.
Thanks for the reply. I thought of rollable tables, but as you say the only benefit would be that it wouldn't trigger 3d dice at all, but at least it would leave the other rolls to be seen. I had hoped for some logic that could be inserted into the Macro to change a rolled 10 into a 0 for the purposes of the display, but that is looking like the sort of change that would have to be handled by the sheet template. Is there a way to ding the author to look at the this thread? I had tried to PM him, but for some reason it didn't work (might be IBKAC problem -- I'll try again later on another device).
You can do this with logic helper functions in the roll template itself. {{#rollLess() roll1 10}} {{roll1}} {{/rollLess() roll1 10}} // this inserts 1-9 if roll1 is 1-9 {{#rollTotal() roll1 10}} [[0]] {{/rollTotal() roll1 10}} // this inserts 0 if roll1 is 10 This will give you an output that matches the visible dice value but might mess up formatting from crit success and fails.  Also any additional internal logic based on 1d10-1 would have to be updated to reflect the new dice face values.  Depending on the complexity of the sheet, it could be more hassle than its worth. I don't use the sheet myself so I couldn't say.
Thank you Muse, that looks like it would work. I did manage to PM the sheet author to look at this thread. Hope he's still around to consider the change. Otherwise, my group and I will just get used to one off die rolls..
Marco M.
KS Backer
Sheet Author
Hey sorry for the delay. Yes I considering the change. I've already fixed a couple of problems with the sheet but I still need to put it out (the Lethality was wrong for huge creatures, and after talking with the developers... BP doesn't change when the POW changes.) Sadly, as far as I know you cannot manipulate the result AFTER you pass it to the template. If you want to keep the dice you need to do a series of comparison look to take in account all the possibilities (similarly to what I did for the lethality rolls when you either roll above lethality or when the enemy is is immune)... It's honestly a pain in the ass for you to do. I was thinking to substitute the roll button with a normal action button that does some math and then calls the roll function with those input... but it's a bit convoluted :D
I really appreciate you looking at it, including the Lethality situation. And although it took me a bit to get used to it, I've come to really like the dice result output in the chat panel -- it really speeds up game play to give my players (and me) an easy line to read for Trivial, Easy, Normal, Hard, and Impossible results without having to hit a separate modifier button. That said, we do love our virtual dice, and I hope you can come up with a good solution to keep them rolling the proper values. Thanks again for looking at it, and thanks also for contributing this sheet in the first place -- our Delta Green cell appreciates it!