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Dual monitor support.

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i would like to be able to have my character sheet on another screen with the ability to be able to drag from browser onto the character sheet when its popped out on my other monitor. currently, i cant do this and i have to make it come back into the roll 20 app. i dont know if this is a limitation because of the browser but if it can be done id like that. 
Scott C.
Sheet Author
API Scripter
You can stretch your browser window across multiple displays.
well i cant seem to drag from the compendium into a popped out window.  i try and drag it from the compendium to an open window on my other monitor and i cant add things like that to my character sheet. 
Currently, the popped out window affects the browser, but the browser doesn't affect the pop-out.
I think what Scott C. was trying to say is that you can expand your browser window to cover both monitors.  Then you can still keep your character sheet in the browser while having it on the second monitor.  Not an ideal solution, I'll grant you, but one that hopefully works for you in the interim.