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player rating system

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I have just had an issue occur today that I know affects other DM's. I had players who are friends with each other apply for a game through an application and get accepted. The 2 players in question with less than 24hrs till the game (at differing levels of character creation, but 70% complete) said they were leaving the game before the first session! This is very disappointing, and discourages DM's putting effort in to create good detailed games.  My suggestion an anonymous player rating system only players with paid accounts, can vote and see ratings. At least this may discourage people from waisting DM's time. Obviously they could create another account if they were desperate, but im sure there are ways to fix.   
Gen Kitty
Forum Champion
Allowing people to ascribe a rating to other people is not something The Powers That Be really want on Roll20, even though I understand why it would be useful to weed out toxicity in peer-driven games like tabletop.  This type of feature can and has been very easily abused before. On toxic users though, that is why our dev and mod team is here. They  absolutely want to weed out toxic users and abusive users but rating is not the way to do that. Reporting toxic behavior is. Please report any users that violate the code of conduct and if you don't see a report button on the relevant interaction, please email the Devs at