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How do i automate crit cards and fail cards?

what id like to do is have a function where my cards get automatically dealt when a player gets a crit or fail. is this possible?
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I'm not sure there is anything 'off the shelf' that does this yet, it would be in the realms of the API if it were possible which you have access to as a pro user at least. A combination of a roll listener (pretty sure Scott C. has one somewhere) and a deck script (pretty sure The Aaron has one of those somewhere) would potentially do the trick... Not the most useful of answers but wanted to give you hope until someone with more expertise, time and isn't typing this on their phone in the middle of a meeting, comes along :)
The Aaron
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It is definitely possible with the API, and pretty much falls out as Z said. Knowing how to detect a crit or a fail is the difficult part.