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[LFG] [5e] Simi Experianced player


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Hello! So I have been playing D&D off and on for a good while, My first experience was back in high school some of 14 years ago.  and most recent is here on roll 20 a few weeks ago.  I am currently hoping to find a game that is well balanced  to both combat and role play. I can play Mondays and Tuesdays. Mostly anytime after about 3pm PST I could do other days but it would have quite limited time frame (( between 3-4 pm PST start time and no longer than 2-3 hour sessions)) I prefer weekly or every other week game times. and do tend to like longer sessions (4-6 hours). but 2-4 hour games can be quite productive. I tend to play martial characters and more often than not those that use bows. I have done fighter ranger and rouge variants.   Currently playing a Sorcerer and want to try and play more magic classes. Rolls i tend to fulfill are attacker, blaster, some support, and light tanking. but never have really enjoyed playing a healer. I always love having some utility to bring to the table. part of why i often play martial like rogue or ranger.  I enjoy crafting detailed backgrounds for the characters I play. I only call myself a simi experienced player as there are occasions i need to reference rules, but in general I know how find them quickly if needed.
Did a little bit of edits to the original to fix a few grammatical errors.   And an side note, I am not interested in games that circulate around murderhobing. If your game is planed to be one for that kind of play-style no thanks.