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Experienced group, looking for DM. Friday evenings, 9PM EST.

I want to get out of the way that I know picking up a pre-made group is a proposition not a lot of people want to deal with. We're a group of 5 players, most of whom are not just experience Pathfinder players, but DMs in our own games. We meet every Friday a little after 9PM EST. Kinda awkward if you're EST like me, but other timezones may not have a problem. We use Skype group chat to keep in touch and for voice during games. Our group has been playing together for about 9 months, and most of that time was spent in Adventure Paths. We've played through the first books of Rise of the Runelords and Shattered Star, and had just started the second book of Jade Regent when we lost our DM. Though we would love to finish that one, doesn't seem like it's happening. At this point, we are collectively just looking for a DM who is as committed as we are, and we have not had much luck. Pathfinder, 4E, some retroclones or AD&D 2E, DCC, we'll play just about anything as long as it means we can get through a campaign. So yeah. Want to DM without having to put together a group, and be sure that your players are easy to get along with? Give me a shout. You can PM me here, reply, or hit me up on Skype @ Askren-
Perhaps you can describe the type of game you would prefer? Some examples: Do you want someone who will use maps and grids, or do you want someone who will narrate most of the campaign? Do you want a combat heavy influence, or do you like intrigue and politics? House rules or rule lawyer? Homebrew or adventure path? Stuff like this may help you find the kind of GM that will mesh well with your group.
Well, I mean, going through all that would make far too long of a post. We're a pretty laid back group of people, we normally just play Adventure Paths because they're quick and most of us are utterly bored of "different for the sake of being different" homebrew campaigns and settings. Personally, after experiencing someone who volunteered to GM an AP, and then didn't actually read it, didn't know how to operate Roll20, and only really told us mid-session that he wasn't comfortable roleplaying, I'm not really I think we're all just a bit disillusioned. So as long as I don't have to teach someone how to put a map into Roll20, I think we can work with it.
So first off Bump. Secondly The group is looking for some what of a mix when it comes to game styles. We like a good throw down fight but love to encounter people and places that are new. Most of the group are game masters ourselves. For some of us it is our only game each week we get to enjoy as players. We know how it is and do have patience and are more then willing to help. Just as a whole we wouldn't mind a solid guy or gal at the helm with a little bit of experience. In short we are a solid group of role players and just need a good Game Master.
Boosting this post up in the search for a GM.