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Character Sheets minimize pr default?

Question: Is there a way to toggle the default behavior of the X in upper right corner of the maximised sheet to minimise instead of close?  If I have a character sheet open I know I can double click the title to minimize it to the play area. And if I click the cross in upper right corner or either minimised or maximized sheet it will instead close the character sheet. Nearly always when I just want to minimise a sheet, I end up closing it, and then I spend several seconds finding it again. It annoys me SO MUCH during game time as a GM. I have tried to teach myself to always double click the title rather than click the X, but I can't. If this isn't possible to change currently I'll make a suggestion for it.
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As far as I know, there is no way to change it, and a Suggestions post is probably warranted.
Hello Gediablo, Great question.  As there is currently no other way to minimize, we suggest you you created a new suggestion post. Happy playing!