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[LFP] [5E] Searching for one more player. 6PM GMT

So I am searching for one more player for a D&amp;D campaign I am going to start up. It'll start you off at lvl 1, and I plan to run it until the players can't play anymore or the sun runs out, whichever comes first. It'll be in my homebrewed realm of Esteria, and I am searching for a player that would fit in well with our group. There are currently 3 other players, so I'm searching for just one more (maybe 2 even, who knows). We do like some good laughs and fun, as well as some seriousness for your roleplaying when in-character. I don't run a particularly dark or gritty campaign, but instances of violence and gore could happen, and even though I wouldn't go needlessly in detail on that body horror, it might be for the best if you're 18+ of age. I have no interest in bringing in explicit sexual content such as Goblin Slayer material though, keep that shite out. I am running a mixture of combat and roleplay, wherein roleplay specifically has some real consequences, both good and bad, depending on what you actually do in character. And lastly, the game would be played around or at 6PM GMT, we'd have to check what time works best with everyone. The day isn't determined yet, but it looks to be possibly sunday. So let me know what your preferred times &amp; days are, as well as your previous roleplay experience and what you're looking for in a group. Oh right, should probably post this if you want to see something about the campaign:&nbsp;<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Actually, can people not in the game see that link? Don't know how that works. Also: we'll be using discord for voice chat, roll20 for everything else.
No, since you ask, I am «not authorized».
Fugg. Well, ignore the link then I guess. I don't know how to technology.
Name: CJ Age: 35 About me: I have a big beard. Family man Exp: I have played alot of 3.5 a long time ago, WoD, MnM only a few sessions of DnD 5E. Character: I need more info on the setting and background of the world. Preferred Classes: Warlock, Rogue, Druid, Monk
I'm looking for a game actually. Name: Andrew Age: 15 About me / Exp: Been playing about a year, trying to try each class at least once, try to experience the game as much as I can. Have started with 5e and have yet to play any other versions Character: No clue, need to know more about the world Prefered: I've only really played Rogue for long. That's why I'm hoping to try some other ones
Name: Sean Age: 24 About: I've been playing D&amp;D related media now for close to 10 years now, with my most recent foray into 5e being my current most major experience with the hobby. I do like a good mix of levity and adventure, as long as things don't drift into murderhobo territory. I like playing races that are considered "bad" guys as genuinely nice guys, like Minotaurs, Orcs, Half-Orcs, and the like.&nbsp; Preferred character: My personal favorite character to play is a Paladin Sorcerer hybrid class. I've just loved these too as a combo for years as they compliment each other well and make for a great character to RP.&nbsp; Times: I'm good for most any time on Sundays. I'm on EST.&nbsp;&nbsp;
I don't know if it is a roll20 thing to say what kind of preferred character you play as, since everyone seemed nice here and gave out their preferred character^^ The link didn't work very well, so I understand you can't think of a character without the slightest piece of worldbuilding. I will be in contact with everyone that responded, and as for some of the world, I'll give a quick summary: It is the year 266 of the current Age of Revolution. This world has been torn heavily by wars and tyranny, as well as a rampant disease called the Spellplague, which seemed to burn the mind of any spellcaster and turn them into raving lunatics, until their brains quite literally melted inside their skulls. This horrid era of misery ended as the high king of humans was killed, the human superiority was splintered and they created different nations among themselves. They have lived in stalemate ever since, free of war, and the world is turning into something more prosperous, the different non-human races were almost subjugated or wiped out, and many still hold bitter feelings, but in the current stalemate they are sure they cannot be attack any longer. Orcs have been reduced to mostly a slave race, with some free spirited ones living in splintered tribes in a harmonic culture close to spirits and nature, where they previously were brutal and bloodlusted. Elves have retreated to the jungle isles of Astrea, where they live away from concrete and steel. They are also excellent seafarers in my setting, having the quickest and most manuverable ships. Dwarves live among humans, but most of them are still within their old ancestral holds. They never created countries of their own, and dwarven culture is just free cities under the reign of a dwarven lord, all of which swear fealty to their king without a kingdom. There is more about politics and different races, such as the mysterious Warforged that seems to have no clear origin and having popped up recently, the halflings many believe existed prior to humans, the tieflings of the southern deserts and such, but for your characters, what would be more pressing knowledge is that the world (you start in the kingdom of Ithilmar) is seemingly at peace, and having been for generations due to a deadlock of mutual assured destruction, and there are rumours whispered by frightened mouths of people dying, and their cause of death seemingly identical to the horror of the Spellplague, centuries ago... And to make clear, I will not nerf, kill, or in any way hinder your character if you make a spellcaster. I'm not going to afflict him or her with the spellplague, but it would be a very real threat in lore, if these rumors turns out to be true... I will have a sandbox kind of world, but unlike the elder scrolls fashion, you DO have a home, and less inclination to just wander the world and fighting monsters for ever increasing stashes of loot forever. You get to decide what and how, but I would like your character to have some attachment to the starting town. They could live there, have family and friends there, or maybe having a stable position there. I would also allow 'just passing through', but the first few session at the very minimum I'm going to keep you in town. After that, you can turn into rampant murder hobos and roam the entire world if you want... Hopefully not, but hey, it's your characters:p
Name: Cameron Age: 32 About me: I've been playing tabletops since I was 8 years old. I've also been an avid roleplayer in text based adventures on the internets since I was 14. I have a lot of experience with D&amp;D both as a player and as a DM. I love making new characters and also enjoy creating stories with other people. Preferred character: I actually don't have one! I fill whatever role the party needs and typically make a unique character from there. I'm really adaptive like that :D