Today we’ve launched a new & official character sheet to handle all of Monte Cook Games’ Cypher Systems! Whether you’re playing Numenéra, The Strange, or a general Cypher System game, the  Cypher Systems by Roll20   sheet has you covered. This sheet is a major update to the very popular cypher system multi-use sheet by Natha, who redesigned this himself alongside the Roll20 team. You can easily convert characters from his now-deprecated sheet, as well as from the now-deprecated The Strange official sheet, into this new sheet with relative ease. For complete release notes and details, feel free to check  our forum post . If you enjoy all things Numenéra, there are many  helpful gameplay assets available on the Roll20 Marketplace , such as the  Numenéra Card Deck Bundle  and more. Also make sure to check out   Monte Cook Game’s latest Kickstarter campaign , Arcana of the Ancients - a 5e source book calling on the science fantasy styling of Numenéra!