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Double Post

New Bug Report: For a few years I've had a table called "Pandemonium (Originally PvPandemonium)" and over the last 4-6 months the game's LFG forum has given me a double post whenever someone adds a reply. To clarify: I have an open forum in the LFG listing for the game so that player's can apply to join. When they do so they'll leave one message, but I'll receive two notifications as if they'd left two messages. Both notifications' "Take me there" button works to bring me to the post but it is disheartening to think multiple players applied only to see it was one person. Any insight would be helpful.
Baldur's Great
Roll20 Mod Team
Hi Lilianae. I am not sure how I would troubleshoot this, but I have forwarded your issue over to the devs to take a look.
I have always had this issue for every response and application for the past 4 months or so.
So have I
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
API Scripter
I believe that by default LFG forums are set to be automatically followed by the games creator, if you've subsequently clicked the 'follow this topic' button it will result in duplicate notifications. Try to un-follow it and see if that removes the duplication?
I just unfollowed the Application forum, will wait until someone applies and post the results.