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Music Inaccessible in MarketPlace purchase

Not sure if right place to post but due to the change over from the old music hosting system to the new one the music for the Mists of Akuma: Revenge of the Pale Master module by Storm Bunny Studios is broken specifically the track Through the Mists.&nbsp; If the music could be made available through a separate download or something or added to the jukebox another way that would be awesome but at the very least it should be noted that that track is no longer working in the marketplace page which advertises unique custom tracks for the module Thank you for your time! Great module and story and setting highly recommended!&nbsp; Link:&nbsp;<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

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Roll20 Team
Thanks for your report, Zephyr. I'll be in touch with the publisher to let them know, and see if they're interested in issuing a patch using another method. They've already been extremely proactive with patching for certain things like this in the past. Otherwise we will update the language accordingly. Thanks again!
Marketplace Creator
Messaged ya Zephyr, thanks for the heads up Dean, and anyone else that is missing out on the Mists of Akuma &nbsp;tunes should message me (I've made it available to download publicly elsewhere and will send you a link so there's no waiting on your part). Otherwise the modules should get updated by the tech team soon and the juke box should automatically fix if you've purchased any of the Mists of Akuma adventures (in about a weeeek?) Also thank you for purchasing Revenge of the Pale Master ! I hope you are digging it. :D