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[LFM3-5][5E] [EST][Free] Dm Looking for bran new fresh out the oven players to play in a Lost mines of Phandelver campaign Wednesday nights.


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Dm who is interested in teaching brand new players how to play DnD 5th edition. Looking for 3-5  new people who are interested in learning the ins and outs of dnd. We will be playing around 9 pm est for around 3 hours per session. So I implore you, If you have DnD experience underneath your belt then please search somewhere else. If you are interested please add me on discord and we will get a character and everything set up. @  ActionDangerMan #5861 Despite DnD Youtubers, podcasters and vets encouraging new people to Dnd out, I found that the community (Especially in roll20 itself) was not friendly to newer players what so ever unless they were willing to pay. Now don't get me wrong. I know dm'ing Is a lot of work and you have every right to charge money for the hours upon hours it takes to set up and run a campaign but I found the demand for veteran players really ousted or deter newer players from enjoying the game. One person who picked me up and taught me all of the rules was my current DM who was 14 at the time took me underneath his wing and taught me and a bunch of new players the joy of dnd. Its been about 2 years since then and I'm trying to host A campaign in order to give back.
Hey, I'd be interested in something like this. I couldn't find you on Discord for some reason but my username is Tom Servo#5988 if you want to message me. 
This sounds like exactly what I'm looking for.  I couldn't find you on Discord but to be completely honest it could quite possibly be my fault there.  Never used it before.  My user name on there is eric.allen #8922.
If you are trying to find me on discord then all try checking under friends and go to add friends at the top and search ActionDangerMan#5861