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[LFG] [D&D 5e] Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage Applications - Sunday 8:00PM EST


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1-2 Slots left. At Least 1 Healer needed so that will get priority Link to campaign here -  Dungeon of the Mad Mage Respond to this thread with the following information: Character Name - Race - Class - One brief sentence about your character - D&D Experience - Why you would like to play in this module?
Me and my boyfriend are looking for a campaign, but you seem to only be looking for 1 more player, or is it possible to get 2 more in? Also how long does a session go, like 3hours? Or more, less?
It says we've got 1 - 2 slots left. Sessions are 3-4 hours. We would at least need 1 dedicated healer class
My GF and I could be interested, is this a weekly or bi-weekly game?

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My Friend and I would be interested.  Here's my character: Character Name - Rixian Race - Half-Elf Class - Lore   Bard (healing focused with possible Cleric multiclass) One brief sentence about your character - Always 'on stage', Rixian has a lust for adventure as he tries to compose the greatest epic ballad of all time. D&D Experience - several years - both as player and DM Why you would like to play in this module? Very few published books provide the opportunity to go to level 20 (if any?).  What better way than through the most epic dungeon crawl of all time. My friend: Character Name - Bruheth Despani Race - Drow Class - Ranger, Gloom Stalker (Outlander background) One brief sentence about your character - The deep dark is a scary and unforgiving place. And these above worlders will need someone with his experience to survive.  And who knows, perhaps he will make a friend if he is lucky. It can get lonely down in the deep dark. D&D Experience - I have been playing since AD&D 1st edition, started when I was 10. I guess 40 years now...If you are looking for a reliable, team player perhaps I am what you are looking for. Why you would like to play in this module? L ooking to play in a long-term campaign with my buddy, and get a chance to dig into characters backgrounds and personalities through rp.
Sorry but the link to the campaign is not working anymore. Is there any spot left yet?