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Scale Health Bars, Token Names, and Status Icons

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Current Situation Since currently most purchased maps are incorrectly dimensioned (10' or even 20' grid) which causes health bars, token names, and status icons to appear far too big compared to the token size, I suggest to scale the objects so, that they appear in a proper size (as they do with 5' grid). grid cell = 20', cell width = 0.25 (like some Storm King's Thunder Maps): (" Everything's too large " is the token name) grid cell = 10', cell width = 0.5 (like almost all maps, e.g. Dungeon of the Mad Mage): Target Situation Both cases above should appear like when grid cell = 5', cell width = 1: Then status icons don't cover the token anymore and health bars don't tend to appear as thick rectangles. Additional Feature In addition I really would appreciate to be able to define in which height above the token the health bar shall appear. Currently they either hide the tokens above or the tokens hide the health bars: My dearest wish is to have something like this: Thanks in advance!
Brian C.
Marketplace Creator
Have you taken a look at the token bar update on the dev server?

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Brian C. said: Have you taken a look at the token bar update on the dev server? No, but now. Not bad, thanks for the info, Brian! But it's a bit fat, isn't it?  But all in all I like it. Far better than it is now. Great. That's really a nice update. Love roll20!