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Rollback Failed.


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So some assets including the pc character sheets ended up getting erased, so we attempted to roll back the game but when it was all said and done nothing had changed and the assets were still gone. It did say the rollback was successful on the details page but we saw no change. Sent an email out to <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> have not heard back Figured best approach from multiple angles.&nbsp;&nbsp; This occurred on sunday. The game is called The World of LithandrilThis occurred on sunday. The game is called&nbsp;The World of Lithandril
Tony R.
Sheet Author
I also just experienced this while trying to rollback to recover a broken handout.
So I got a response back from the email i sent yesterday, (Response Time 12:10 CST, 4/15) They said they noticed the game was successfully rolled back (it says that in the game details but i can confirm as of 11:10 pm CST it is the same as it was before the roll back attempt) I replied as such 21 minutes after receiving said email and have not heard back yet.
Baldur's Great
Roll20 Mod Team
Hello Dakota. I've sent this issue up to the devs for review.
Thank you Baldur.
Welp friday has come and I fear any chance of recovering what was lost will fade with the 3 day weekend due to the rollback only saving 7 days.
Roll20 Team
Hi Dakota, Taking a closer look at your game it seems that there was a very large import of data which is causing the roll back system to actually time out and fail from firebase's end. For reference, you game is more than 5 times the size of Tomb of Annihilation. Unfortunately, due to the size of the game, and thus the size of any rollback that would be retrieved from firebase's end, it is so large we are unable to assist in recovering the information. At this time, we recommend that you try to slim down your game by removing any extra characters that you may not have an immediate need for as they are the largest attribute within this game.

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Is there any way to just recover the items in the character folder in the journal? Long shot but worth asking.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Thanks for the reply Drespar at there was a large amount of data I was going through the items in the journal and deleting them when i accidentally deleted a few important assets. I apologize for the inconvenience had no idea game was large enough to force a server timeout but in hindsight it makes alot of sense.
Roll20 Team
Unfortunately, we cannot recover individual items. The only method of restoring deleted content is through the use of rollbacks. Sorry :(

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I understand and thank you for and the rest of the devs your time.&nbsp; Let this pose as a warning for everybody don't let your game be&nbsp;5 times the size of Tomb of Annihilation. Clean your folders and be extra careful to back up important characters via other sources.&nbsp; This sorta thing probably never happens, at least not often. Almost certainly&nbsp;an edge case. Still cant help that feel as though the game roll back successful&nbsp;message in details should contain an alternate case for this sort of failed rollback. At the very least so when a developer does look at the game the first glance does not show a successful rollback like the dev over email saw.&nbsp; Although all was cleared up in the end&nbsp; and that could easly be me not providing enough info in the first email.&nbsp; ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .
Roll20 Mod Team
Hi Dakota, thank you for updating us.&nbsp; I'll be closing this thread now.