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[LFG][D&D3.5][Pathfinder][World of Darkness] Seeking immersive game play with focus on story and character interaction

Seeds flourish in fertile soil. Thus, I seek a realm rich in detail and complex in lore - one where my roots may wind deep and the flowers of my imagination bloom brightly; a place filled with vibrant and colorful characters eager to bask in the same light. I do not fear the darkness, for in the deepest black, the smallest ember glows like a sun. If I may, I would join with spirits that share such accord and explore not only that which surrounds us but also that which lies within us. Nyyalla Silverthorne Experienced role-player. Enjoy detailed realms with focus on story and character development. Not into "hack-n-slash."  Available Sundays.
Following this thread as I too have been on the hunt for RP centric Pathfinder game to fill my Sunday afternoons (EST). . 
It requires patience.  Many games are offered, but I do not wish to join one hastily and be unhappy. I hope you find the game you seek. - Nyyalla
Thanks. If push comes to shove, I will GM a game, but really wanna commit to one character for a bit. If I do run a game I might run a one shot or 2 to really find folx who mesh with my play style. If I did that would you be interested? I need a week or 2 to decide whether I want to commit to GMing or not, but could maybe start a game in may?
i'm looking for a long-term game, but thanks.
I have the privilege of being in a highly detailed long term campaign for close to two years. It has many more years of material. The GM has done a lot of work to bring his world alive. We play on Sunday evenings. Sounds like everything you want and something you may want to check out. However, with all the game prep it is a Pay To Play game. I have found it most worth the cost because of the commitment it creates from the other players and the GM. Extremely satisfied with this GM. Please let me know if you want more information. 
Thank you for the lead.  However, I don’t pay to play.

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No problem :) I hope you find a game that will fit you. Thanks for reading :)