Looking to join a D&D 5E or Shadowrun 5th edition game. D&D player for 3+ years. I've been into the world of Shadowrun for over 10 years, collected many books over all editions, and dabbled in a few games with a GM that wasn't the most rule-savvy, or interested. Learned what I could in the group I was in. But I want to REALLY play. With a group of people who wouldn't mind showin' me the ropes for a bit, until I am back up to speed. Would need some help with Character Creation in general.  Would love to roll an Elf Decker. Other ideas are Face, Street Sammy, and possibly Physical Adept. I am well versed In DnD and RPG gaming in general. I enjoy an immersive world and love to 'get into' my character and role play (and have a backstory)! I am a courteous, punctual, and dependable guy when it comes to Roll20. I have the right materials and equipment, and I understand how to play respectfully over Roll20. Would ideally like to find a group that plays once a week or every other week on a weekday evening (Wed. or Thurs. or Sun. perhaps?), around 7pm CST. Hit me up!