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[Paizo] Return of the Runelords Bug Thread

Roll20 Team
Thank you for purchasing  Return of the Runelords Adventure Path ! Please report any bugs and feedback for any of the Adventure Path products in this thread.  Here is an additional quick FAQ based on past releases: I bought Return of the Runelords AP 1. Now what? You can now create a new game and choose "Return of the Runelords" from the modules on the right hand side of your game creation screen. What Character Sheet should I use? All Pathfinder licensed content on Roll20 uses the Roll20 Pathfinder Official Character Sheet. When creating a new Roll20 game that you intend to use with Return of the Runelords, be sure to select the Pathfinder Official Sheet as your Character Sheet in the Game Setup page for full compatibility. Why does (Monster name) have a text token? If there is no licensed art available for a named NPC or monster, we must make a text token as a placeholder. Users are absolutely free to upload a replacement token if they like to their games, of course! Our licensing agreement only covers what's available in the module itself, along with other Pathfinder products if we have the assets. I am experiencing lag, how can I improve performance? Check out the Wiki help article here After following steps there, performance can be improved by removing darkvision on some NPC's. We have already done this on performance heavy maps in the module. Deleting out characters and creatures (10+ sheets) that the party will never encounter again will also help with game lag. How do I use Dynamic Lighting and/or Advanced Fog of War? These features are already built into the module, however they do require a Plus or Pro subscription to utilize. Free users have access to the basic Roll20 Fog of War. When will the next AP be released? While we have no dates set, the rest of the series is in production along with other great Pathfinder products. Stay tuned for updates!
Aww man, you are jumping over the middle part of trilogy for now at least :D But yeah, my poor wallet...
Good day, When I try to subtract hitpoints from NPCs using the "bubble" above the character, the - on the numpad doesn't work.  The + does however.  The - on the number row at the top does work.  Seems odd that one would work and not the other.
Roll20 Team
Travis H. Thank you for the report, I have brought this to the dev team :)
It appears that I'm incorrect.  I thought my players had confirmed that they were also having this issue bit it just appears to be me and my keyboard.  Please give the team my sincerest apologies and thanks for a really great addition.
Roll20 Team
Got it, thanks for letting me know Travis! :)
No insult intended but is NumLock on?

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I'm rather new to GM'ing on roll20 and I got this AP to cut my teeth so to speak, in the macro tab is a list of already configured macros for the game but they all are spoiler heavy and my players can see this tab as well. Is there a way to hide or disable this tab?
Roll20 Team
Hi Shawn -  Players should not be able to see macros, only the game creator. Even if you "Join as Player", the game still considers you the owner, so you're able to see them.  For Rollable Tables - There should only be one visible to players dealing with Bargain Hunting Let me know if this helps!