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Improving the Image Library System

Score + 49
So the Image Library system seems a bit restrictive in several ways: You can only pull images out of your own library, even if you are CO-GMing a game with someone else and they have the necessary images in their library. You can't replace token images without the API, meaning you have to make a new token every time you want to switch images (this is also a problem for players who want to use different images when they are in different disguises/forms/states ect.) If you are no longer part of a campaign but ended up being one of the players or GMs that uploaded a bunch of images for the campaign your Library space is either held hostage by the ongoing campaign or the images in the campaign all disappear, causing a huge headache for the GM who then has to find, replace and sometimes resize them. This is especially bad for tokens as they need to be made anew. And a few other little annoyances such as the mass upload not always working and being fiddly to use, and being unable to drop images from the library management window into the "drop a file" box of handouts or character sheets. It would be nice to do any of these things, especially transferring "ownership" of a group of images between users so it doesn't cause problems in a campaign when a player/GM leaves. Perhaps having all images that get uploaded to a campaign being placed in the campaign owners library that can then be accessed by the GMs of the campaign. One other thing that would be nice would be the ability to store completed tokens in the Image library, that could just be dropped onto maps already set up. I know that many people have "Token Box" maps or sections of maps, but it would be nice to be able to have all your tokens within easy reach without having to switch maps twice or more to get them.
Or even better, allow importing via external host. You already have to link your account to a email so why not Gdrive/ DropBox option.
Not sure if this has been listed elsewhere, but I think the My Library needs a better way to organize it. I've been using folders, but there's nothing keeping me from uploading the same image multiple times. And then I don't know which one I've used and which one I haven't. Also, when you have no access to your images unless you are in a game. So, I have multiple copies of images I've used as Game Image/Banners, because I keep having to upload them for the game, but can't just pull the image from the library.  I'd like to put these issues on this list of needed fixes. Even if there was just a page we could go to in Roll20 that acted similar to like Google Drive for My Library would be WONDERFUL! 
Yes, duplicate images are a big problem and we should be able to upload images directly into a folder so we don't have to manually move them. Also, an option at the root level to select all images (i.e. NOT folders).
1: direct upload into a folder really would enhance functionality hugely.. 2: deduplicating by an md5 would be very helpful. 3: importing from a cloud server would be great. That's my priority.. and whilst I can imagine ways to do it, it seems churlish to be overly prescritpive.
Sheet Author
+1 manage tokens without "token map trick", upload to folders, one Character/multiple tokens/images (werewolves, Battle Position image vs Singing bard image...)...
GM Byron said: Not sure if this has been listed elsewhere, but I think the My Library needs a better way to organize it. I would like to extend this wish to the 'Premium Assests' part. If I don't want to transfer things there to the library, I am lost with the packages there to find anything (BTW: the search function often doesn't work properly; searching for 'stair' in the Premium Assets part usually doesn't find everything where 'stair' is part of the name. I'd love to have the possibility there to organise stuff into folders, maybe even give them custom tags/labels.
Sheet Author
The library needs some basic UI enhancements: Delete all assets uploaded for a particular game (to aid in clearing out old content) Delete all assets uploaded before a particular date Delete all assets of a particular type  Delete all assets in a particular folder Select multiple assets and delete them all with one click A dedicated method for pro members to upload larger files that tend to crash the existing upload interface (like a 6mb webm file) A way to filter by file type Improved search Upload to folder Improved UI for moving assets around between folders Access rights for players to access library, maybe folder rights?
Agree with most of this. Most frustrating is poor navigation and search results, not only for my library of images, but even worse for the items I’ve purchased! I get at least a few Premium images that come up in search, but none that I’ve purchased. Can I add keywords?
+1 for a better image/art management system. I have images that are used in a couple of games, duplicate images that are used in other games, and duplicate images that are not being used in any games. I don't know which ones to delete.