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Descriptions of Rooms for DM

Still relatively new to how Roll20 works and was wondering how DMs out there do the descriptions of a room that will be read out to players? Basically the thought I had was: 1. use a numbered marker in the GM layer, that is set to "is Drawing", 2. Double click on it and scroll to the GM Notes to read out the description to the players Was kinda hoping for something less clicky, as you have to change the Tool to GM Layer then Double Click on the marker, then scroll down a little. Would love if you could just click on the marker (and if there was GM Notes attached to it) that those notes get Whispered to me, or they pop up on the screen. Any such API thing that can do that? Is it worth putting in a Suggestion for this? 

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There are API solutions and a pretty popular suggestion that covers this kind of thing. A simple but effective solution is to put your text into a bar's value and have a token action that whispers that value to the GM in chat for them to read (top tip, write your text elsewhere and copy/paste into the bar value). Single click and no windows to open :) To prevent map obstructions or layer shifting you could have a transparent token on the token layer with a small aura that only the GM can see be the token you click to run the token action too. You can then set that token as the default on a 'description' sheet with everything set up bar the text for simple drag/drop/paste the text set up solutions. There is also the ' map pins ' trick from keithcurtis.
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Here's a guide to one way of creating a Notes token without needing an API script. Invisible Tokens - The Notes Token
Thanks guys! Will check out all those options. Cheers!
Pat S.
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I usually type of token macros on a blank sheet and give each macro a room title and the body contains the static description of the room then I assign it to an invisible token that only I can use. This allows me to click on the token macro for the specific room. I sometimes do this with global macros also.