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Crit Damage when field empty


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Greetings! If I remember correctly, when the Crit Damage field of an attack was left blank (and therefore had a grayed out example) , crit damage wouldn't be rolled at all. Yet for some time, even when this field is blank, additional crit damage is being rolled. I can't imagine this is the intent. I know that I could just enter a 0  in the field, but this would still result in a "+ 0"  outputting to the chat log. I'd like to avoid this kind of clutter and avoid the additional crit damage from being rolled at all. My campaigns use the Critical Hit Deck for Players by Nord Games , as such I don't want the system to roll additional crit damage. PS. Crit Range was temporarily changed to 1 for testing.

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I've tried a range of options for testing purposes and a 0 might well be your best only option :( The only other option would be setting the crit range to 21 and having to manually keep an eye out for crits...