Greetings! This morning we pushed some code with the following changes: Enhancements The token bar placement is now configurable. On the token settings dialog box, there is now a "Bar Position" setting, where you can select Above, Top Overlapping, Bottom Overlapping, and Below. Please note that you can change the location of the status icons  for your game if they're in the way of the token bars. There is now a "Character Sheets By Publisher" section in the character sheet drop-down to identify sheets that are officially maintained by their games' publisher. The Dialect compendium now appears on the compendiums page . Reworked the Player Directory to perform better and return more relevant results. Bug Fixes Advanced Fog of War bug fixes: VTT now refreshes properly after switching Dynamic Lighting off Dynamic Lighting now shines through Advanced Fog of War (returned to previous behavior) Turning off Dynamic Lighting clears the canvas Character Sheets Cypher System Sheet 2.1 New feature: Cyphers can be marked as "Used" Bug fix: Stat rolls with Difficulty now correctly shows Success or Failure Bug fix: Attack rolls now correctly handles and shows supplementary stat cost Translation fixes: added missing labels ("Equipment", and advancement placeholders) New "abbreviation" translatable texts instead of automatic use of first letter use, for head display of various items in repeating section (skills stat and level, attack stats etc.). Note that these items won't be updated automatically but any change or addition will use the new "-abbreviation" relative translation texts, like "might-abbreviation". If those are not translated yet, the english ones will be used instead. Various layout fixes for Traditional Chinese, French and Spanish translations French translation Pathfinder 1.29 PC sheet: Bug fix: AC Items Maximum Dexterity Bonus (Max Dex) can now be set to zero (0). Items with no limitation in Dex bonus are setcan be set to "-". PC sheet: Bug fix: Buffs: The Level attribute ("@ {level}") can now be used. PC sheet: New feature: Languages can be shown in chat (hover and click the Languages title). NPC sheet: Bug fix: Text information like Tactics now display line breaks. If you haven't  read the road map , check it out here. Looking for previous release notes?  Read the full list on the wiki , or check out the  most recent note .