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OGL sheet Looking for spellbook macro

Hi all, I've been pouring over past threads and youtube videos, and can't find something that works, so I thought I'd post this request. My DM uses the standard Roll20 5e sheet with no APIs, and I'm trying to set up a macro that will whisper me a clickable list of prepared spells by level. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks!
This is what I use. It only works from a token action. They also have to be set at attacks(even if they're not) in your spellbook to use this macro. /w @{character_name} @{wtype} &{template:default}{{name=@{character_name} Player Attacks}}{{[Spellname Here](~selected|repeating_attack_$0_attack)}}{{[Spellname Here](~selected|repeating_attack_$1_attack)}}
I have a very complex macro that I use for spell casters in my game. It needs to be updated each time they add or remove a spell, but well worth the work. I have an extra feature that allows for the description to be output separately only to the player so it doesn't spam chat. That feature will require you to create 10 character sheets one fro each spell level plus the cantrips and about a dozen macros on each sheet. Invest in it and you will be able to use it in all your games. See the link below for a full writeup <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Happy Rolling