Greetings! This morning, we released code with the following changes: Bug Fixes: The "See More" button on the bell notification now fades correctly. Advanced Fog of War now reveals in a circle if both Dynamic Lighting and AFOW are both on. Status icons and square auras no longer rotate when rotating the token When the grid is disabled, auras now display correctly. Character sheets: D&D 5e by Roll20 NPCs with Sleight of Hand now display this skill Ravnica spellcasters now drop as NPCs Starfinder:  Weapon specialization bonus damage now updates correctly when the character's level is changed. NPC full attacks now calculate correctly Cypher System by Roll20: Translation fixes for "None" and "Description" Chronicles of Darkness by Roll20: Translation file enabled If you haven't  read the road map , check it out here. Looking for previous release notes?  Read the full list on the wiki , or check out the  most recent note .