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[LFP] [18+] [D&D5E] [Streaming]


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DM of 30+ years looking to start a game on Twitch for streaming purposes.  Players must have working cameras and microphones as the game will be streamed.  The time of the game will be Wednesdays 6-9pm (PST) and could be extended later.  The campaign world is homebrew and it's one I've been running for quite some time.  My actual D&D style is high RP with moderate combat and some simulation elements.  
I'm interested. 
Greetings, I would be interested in joining. I have gigabit internet and great hardware but I might need to rearrange for a suitable camera angle and whatnot. The timing is perfect for me, I'm 25 and have decent experience. RP is a must for me.
Alright, I'm still ironing out the details so it may be at least a week or two before we get started.  I'll keep everyone posted.
I'm down
Sounds cool, wanna see the requirements later =D
I would be interested in joining, if the time frame works for me, so please let me know what time you plan on hosting. I work over night so im free until about 8 pm CST though during some points during the year i do have to go in a bit early but not many and would let you know in advance before those times hit.
I would be interested in this game. Have an HD camera and an omni mic set up. I've been wanting to RP a few ideas. 1) A retired Human Fighter or Paladin that wants one last adventure before he's too too old. Being in his late 40's he spends his off time helping out at his local orphanage. He never married while in service so he considers the orphans to be his children. He also enjoys the company of the Head Mistress of the orphanage but there relationship is vague. 2.) A Halfling Druid/Rogue character that uses his abilities to "acquire sensitive information" for the right price. The forests where he grew up we ravened by war. Each side clear cutting to build camps and weapons. He fled to a near by city for safety. Since he was just too old for the orphanage he lived in the sewers and streets. He found out how well a rat really live if he just paid attention. After gaining a little bit of a reputation he decided to moonlight as a saboteur. 3) An adopted half orc barbarian who happens to be a "momma's boy" his mother sends him letters on his adventures and pie but he cannot read the letters. He also wont eat the pie until he finds someone to read him his letter while he eat. The reason he cannot read the letters is that his adopted parents or gnomes and mother insists that he try and learn.

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My schedule is a bit fluid at the moment.  What times would you all prefer on Wednesday evening (PST)?  To keep the thread a little cleaner, just message me a range of times that you'd prefer on Wednesday.
I'd be interested though, how many people would you prefer to have?
Gonna have six players at most, but I also need to figure what players would be the best match for my DMing style.
Im potentially interested, the time works for me and the idea sounds like it'd be super fun.
I would also be interested, I have a HD camera, decent mic and experience streaming. My only concern would be the time you wished to start at as I work weds but am also est time zone so that 3 hour buffer helps.
So the time that's looking the best for me is Wednesdays at 6pm PST.  I'm thinking the game will probably go until at least 9pm initially with the possibility of being extended later.  I'll try to get some more information on the world written up and posted once I have some time.  
That time works perfectly for me.
i can do that time no problem
Interested to join, looking for a game on Wednesday and will really do whatever to fill that day.  I've a good mic and can get a webcam pretty easy.  Also would like to try out a Homebrew revision to the Wild Magic sorcerer that I made.  Hit me with a PM.
I'd love to join the group if you still have space available, also the portal to your obsidian portal not working, maybe it's on private still for this campaign.
Thanks for the heads-up about the obsidian portal Connor.  I could have sworn I set it to public right before I posted the link, but maybe I forgot to save or something.  In any event, it should work now.
Alright, apparently it's against the rules to post info of my twitch stream, so I'll send that info out more privately to those who end up joining the game.&nbsp; I'll re-post the info about the Obsidian Portal site as I don't think that violates any rules.&nbsp; Again, the things that are most relevant on there are the custom rules I use and some of the world history and races/subraces if you're interested in that. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Hey I posted earlier, sorry if its redundant or the group is full . Again this seems like it'd be really cool to join, i would have access to an okay webcam and a good mic and the time you said works for me. Are you still looking for players?