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Shadow Run 6th Edition

Not that the rules are out, but is anyone thinking about creating a shadow run 6th edition character sheet once the rules are out? I would be willing to help, pretty good at JS but not so much with CSS... (made the transition from C++ to JS at work but CSS is still a learning curve compared to C++ UX.) Not sure if there is API work to support Shadow Run but I suppose that is another forum post. I think mostly the dice macros we used for 5.0 (until the game died as the GM decided to quit prompting me to start a 6.0 game once the new rules come out) are all we really need but a character sheet would be great as well.
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I emailed Jason 8 days ago about getting a copy of the character sheet and/or rules so I could get started on it. A number of my friends are interested in playing it and I'm out of active projects so I wanted to get it started before release in August. I have not heard back on that email.  Depending on what I've got going on, I would be willing to help out. I'm much better at CSS than Javascript.
I am willing to do work on it when it can be started. Always looking to expand and learn new skills and this would be a project I am very interested in.