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[Mutant Year Zero] unofficial sheet update


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Roll20 Team
Greetings fellow  Mutant Year Zero  users! I have recently picked up this ttrgp and fell in love with it. I've decided to do some work on the current sheet available on Roll20. With the help of one of a good friend, we will be adding new features and looking for any bugs that are outstanding. This is going to be a large revamp! We'll do our best not to interrupt your game play but expect the look of the sheet to change. I went through the outstanding list of Issues on the GitHub and have compiled this list of goals for the project. Keep me posted if you have any issues or suggestions. Suggestions/Project Status Redo the CSS for a more compact and intuitive look Refactor Javascript Add multilingual support NPC sheet Log sheet Character: Den description field Character: Roll modifications Character: Look into push  options or a generic d6 roller Character: Mutant Power Point radios need fixed . They are 0-9 currently. Character: Investigate Fight roll bug Character: Move supply inputs into Gear. Character: Gear buttons Character: Handle initiative  Ark: Battle Level input/button Disclaimer: Mutant Year Zero sheet is not officially support by R20. This is being supported in my own time as a passionate sheet author.
Andreas J.
Roll20 Production Team
Sheet Author
Pull Request made for Multilingual support, heavy lifting was made with ACSI
I'd love a Push Option be added the Coriolis as well. Should be simpler since there is no 1's on gear or ability dice to worry about.
Andreas J.
Roll20 Production Team
Sheet Author
Andreas J. said: Pull Request made for Multilingual support, heavy lifting was made with ACSI Multilingual support was postponed as there where more upcoming changes to the sheet.
Andrew, Thanks for the feedback. I'm still dabbling in MYZ at the moment but I have it in the back of my mind to just do a "system" sheet that will support all of the Year Zero games. I have not looked at Coriolis yet but I get the impression the core mechanics are similar enough it could share a single sheet with MYZ. I would just need to account for small changes like the no 1s on gear or abilities and aesthetic differences. I appreciate hearing from a Coriolis user. Thanks, Cassie