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How to make a large map playable? ( Ironslag, Storm King's Thunder)

I am looking for specific advice for running this part of Storm King's Thunder on Roll20, though general help with huge maps could potentially be useful. Apologies if this is the wrong forum, but it seemed closest. Beware, there are mild spoilers below. If you are a player who is playing or plans to play Storm King's Thunder, don't read! <spoiler> Ironslag is a large sprawling fortress of 78 by 61 cells, with default grid set to 10'. My desire is to use this map with both Advanced Fog of War and Dynamic Lighting enabled for dynamic exploration of the area. (I plan switch to a smaller, 5' grid map for any battles) Has anyone found a way to run it this way without it crippling your system?  </spoiler> Thanks!
Brian C.
Marketplace Creator
Turn off Global Illumination and insert regular lights on the lighting layer, or turn of AFoW. The global illumination setting when coupled with AFoW causes the reveal distance on tokens to scan the entire map. This cripples the system.