It sucks when you have a cool idea for a character but you're already tied up with two games, post secondary, and 9/10 LFPs are for D&D. Characters I want to run are for the following: Lancer, Broken Worlds, Eclipse Phase, Numenera, Atomic Highway, Engine Heart, Monsterpunk, Mutant: Year Zero (including GLA and Mechatron). Don't know what those are? I'll fill you in. Don't have the material to run it? I'll provide. Don't know how to GM? There's a first for everything. I only started because no one else would and I can help you along the way. Don't know the rules? Don't care. First time GMing was for a system I didn't know either, so no pressure. I'm EST, no secondary languages, Saturday afternoons and evenings as well as Sunday mornings and evenings. If you think you could get me to try something else then you're going to have to sell me on it. Not a big fantasy fan.