Hi folks! I know you can specify a value greater than 1 when using the Ammunition field in an attack by adding the amount to decrease the resource after the name in format of: Ammo,2 And you can even use roll queries to pass values from the damage of the attack! For example: Attack Name: Rapid Fire Damage: ?{Number of shots?}*1d6 Ammunition: Ammo,?{Number of shots?}|resource_id I believe this works because by the time it comes to the Ammunition resolution, the roll query has already been declared and cast into a value (in this case an int?) which is supported in the Ammunition field. However, what you don't seem to be able to do is use math in that field. In this case, I'm trying to write a Lay on Hands "attack" that has a roll query prompt for the amount of healing, which then subsequently decrements the Lay on Hands resource pool for the same amount. That part works fine , however an additional function of the Lay on Hands ability is being able to expend 5 points worth of Lay on Hands in order to cure one disease or poison. What I want to achieve is that the player is prompted for how many diseases/poisons they are removing and then it decrements the Lay on Hands pool appropriately: 5 * (number of diseases or poisons) When I try something like: Lay on Hands,5 * ?{Number of diseases/poisons to cure?}|resource_id It only decrements by one (I assume it's ignoring the whole part after the comma and falling back to a default value of 1).I also tried: Lay on Hands,[[5 * ?{Number of diseases/poisons to cure?}]]|resource_id And it still fails.I assume I'm either missing something in regard to the expansion of the inline roll/math, or some kind of HTML character replacement, or perhaps expecting too much from this? Is there a fix for this, or do I simply advise my paladin players to click the button for each disease/poison they cure? Thanks!