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Rally Point: Auto-positioning and zoom level when map loads for players

Score + 24
The idea is an object GMs can place on the map so when the map loads for players it automatically positions (focuses) them on that (centered on their screen) and zooms to the configured zoom level. It should be invisible to the players (GM layer?) but can be moved around as needed by the GM. Rally Point is just a quick name I came up with for this "widget" for discussion it whatever makes sense. Perhaps the icon/image for it is a flag? Example scenario: GM places the Rally Point at the bottom of the map where the dungeon entrance is and sets the zoom level to %150. The players advance only halfway through the dungeon the first session. Preparing for the next session, the GM moves the Rally Point to where the players left off and sets the zoom level to %50 so the players get a better view of the parts of the dungeon they've traveled through as the GM gives a quick recap of the last session. Does anyone else have any suggestions for other controls this might need beyond zoom level?
+1 Before the days of Roll20, I recall maptools had something like this and it was quite useful feature.
Mike W.
Sheet Author
+1 I agree, we REALLY need this!
Great idea!  I frequently move players to a new page with dynamic lighting, start describing the scene, only to hear “wait, all I see is blackness”, especially on bigger maps. :-P Shift-pinging will draw the players to a point on the map, but requires remembering to do each time, and can’t be set up ahead of time (I think?). One option that would be nice for this feature is to toggle between starting at the suggested rally point flag, and starting wherever their token is on that page, prioritizing a token that only they control (as opposed to shared light sources, for example).