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"Looking for GM" games

Sheet Author
Hmm. I wonder if there are any new M&M games listed? Oh look! FIVE! Neat...let's see. Yep two are "Looking for GM" and utterly useless. I know it's come up in the Suggestions forum (I've upvoted it!) but dear god am I tired of seeing those listings. They almost never actually get a GM and, if they do, the game fails quickly or its a "paid GM" that they don't end up taking up on the "offer." It's just false hope for those players. Yes, I know this thread isn't 'on topic' and is likely to get deleted, but I had to vent!
Hello Fyndhal, The  Roll20 Community Code of Conduct  states : The Roll20 Forums exist to discuss topics directly related to the use of the Roll20 program. Anything that more fittingly could be discussed on another website SHOULD be discussed there. I have moved your post to the Off-Topic forum. As such, your post is also closed.  Thanks.