Do you like Critical Role, Adventure Zone, Harmonquest, Dice Camera Action! Then get you butts in here and have a Faerun experience like no other, full of canonical lore, ridiculous references and subtle cameos.  Prepare yourselves for one of the most horrowing experiences D&D has to offer as you venture into the darkness, past the mist and into the land of Barovia, where bleak depression has struck the people from their ever omnipresent ruler, the vampire count known as Strahd.  This is my favourite campaign to run in D&D 5e, I have spent countless hours in preparation creating a thematic tone to encompass the stark horror that comes with this module, from the tiny NPCs tid bits to the musical score. My style of Strahd is more akin to traditional Dracula with encompassing horror theme, it is not for the faint of heart.  Game Information Module: Curse of Strahd, Wizard of the Coast Rules and Setting: D&D 5e Official, Forgotten Realms. Scheduling: Starting on the 13th of June, Running Weekly, at 9pm EST  Session Length: 3 Hours guaranteed every session with the possibility of 4 hours. On special occasions or request 5-6 hour session. Group Size: 4-6 players. Preferably I would run 5 players but I start games at 3 to alleviate the waiting times of find players. Players will be asked before starting if they are comfortable with 3 or would prefer to wait. Sessions 0: Character Creation Workshop, free of chrage. This game will require payment to the Game Master at a rate of $13 USD Per Player, Per Session via Paypal. Roll20 is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements. What you can expect from my games; * Respect and understanding for all involved in the game. * An inclusive experiences with dedicated player and DMs. * A full collection of official modules and at request homebrew content. * Roll20 Pro Subscriber features such as Dynamic Lighting, Spell FX and API scripts. * Knowledge of the games rules, settings, modules and campaigns. * Custom art and of course music to set the mood for the game. * A well-organized Discord server where I also host game nights. So why pay to play The players and DM are as invested and dedicated in the game as yourself. They are more likely to show up, be involved and engage due to this investment. Avoid wasting time looking for group, I have a full schedule of games of which you can choose from and if need be you can switch between them with little effort. High quality preparation and game mastering making sure of a cooperative, engaging and entertaining experience.  Apply Here