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FX assistance

Hi,  I know I know, there are lots of forums with the FX stuff in it and they link me to the same page but I just can't get my head around what I am doing wrong.  I would like to have something very simple, like when a healer casts a spell say holy nova goes off on their token.  I seem to get close but something always throws me an error or I get  /fx burst-holy-LcaEJlQ_OQceoxNUYCx } Can some post just what is expected in the text. I really apologies I am sure you guys are sick of answering the same question.  Cheers
For fx to work you need to click on the map. When you use it as a caster you need to click on a specific token.  What I have found for a caster named Shava the following works: /fx burst-holy @{target|Shava|token_id} If you have an attack spell like Ray of Frost you can use: /fx RayofFrost @{target|Shava|token_id} @{target|Enemy|token_id} I have created a custom fx named RayofFrost for this one. This will ask you to click on the source of the spell (Shava) and then the target sending a frost beam at the target. For spells like Fireball I have a target token that can be controlled by spellcasters to target empty spaces.  Hope this helps 
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If you already have the token selected: /fx burst-holy @{selected|token_id} should work without the need to choose a target.
So when I do it either way (keep in mind I am in GM mode so that may alter things)  /fx burst-holy -LcaEJlQ_OQceoxNUYCx I get that instead of a FX
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What sheet are you on?  The Shaped sheet has an FX field, for instance.
D&D 5e by Roll20 
I use the D&D 5e by Roll20 also. It works fine for me. However I have noticed that when the API Sandbox has a conflict and does not load correctly that I get some weird things happening. Have you checked to see if you have an API conflict?
no errors that I can see Added to the description of the spell /fx burst-holy @{target|Slice Ndice|token_id} Prompts for Icon, then level of spell then I get /fx burst-holy -LcaEJlQ_OQceoxNUYCx In the test box and the amount of healing 
I think I may have misunderstood something. Are you attempting to create a macro which will cast the spell and show the special effect? If so this is how I accomplished this. In the Collections section create a new macro and enter the special effect string as you have it. Cast the spell from the Attacks and spellcasting section of the Core Page of the character sheet. In the Chat Box place your cursor and then hit the arrow up button on your keyboard. This will bring the entire command string for casting the spell into the chat. Then copy and paste this entire string into your macro.  A Macro created this way is specific to an individual caster. Here is one I have for Healing Word for a caster named Mercy and the fx (burst-healing) will show on the target of the healing. This macro also outputs the spell description into the chat. /fx burst-holy @{target|Ally|token_id} @{Mercy|wtype}&{template:atkdmg} {{mod=-}} {{rname=Healing Word}} {{r1=[[0d20cs>20]]}} {{r2=[[0d20cs>20]]}} 0 {{range=60 feet}} {{damage=1}} {{dmg1flag=1}} {{dmg1=[[1d4 + 3[WIS]]]}} {{dmg1type=Healing}} 0 {{dmg2=[[0]]}} {{dmg2type=}} {{crit1=[[1d4[CRIT]]]}} {{crit2=[[0[CRIT]]]}} 0 {{desc=A creature of your choice that you can see within range regains hit points equal to 1d4 + your spellcasting ability modifier. This spell has no effect on undead or constructs. At Higher Levels: When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 2nd level or higher, the Healing increases by 1d4 for each slot level above 1st.}} {{hldmg=[[(1*?{Cast at what level?|Level 1,0|Level 2,1|Level 3,2|Level 4,3|Level 5,4|Level 6,5|Level 7,6|Level 8,7|Level 9,8})d4]]}} {{hldmgcrit=[[(1*?{Cast at what level?|Level 1,0|Level 2,1|Level 3,2|Level 4,3|Level 5,4|Level 6,5|Level 7,6|Level 8,7|Level 9,8})d4]]}} {{spelllevel=}} {{innate=}} {{globalattack=@{Mercy|global_attack_mod}}} {{globaldamage=[[0]]}} {{globaldamagecrit=[[0]]}} {{globaldamagetype=@{Mercy|global_damage_mod_type}}} ammo= @{Mercy|charname_output}