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Notification of Updates

Is there any way to know when a published set on the marketplace get updated? Is that information available somewhere and if not, is this something that could be made known? I posted several days ago looking for a pack that I had seen before but could no longer find on the marketplace. I ended up reaching out to the creator behind DMS Creations and confirmed there was a pack that was no longer available. We continued conversing and I asked about the potential to get one of the sets already published without the bases (Mardol's Minion Set:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> ) and I learned that creators have the ability to update their sets on the market. I had no idea! DMS Creations updated Mardol's Minion Set at my request and the update went live today with a bunch of great changes and brand new art and tokens. Firstly, it's unfortunate that this an update because it does not seem to be showing as a new set on the marketplace despite having quite a few brand new tokens. If people were aware the set were updated, DMS Creations might make a few more sales. Secondly, it got me thinking about my collection. I've bought quite a few sets on the marketplace and now I am wondering if any sets I have purchased and downloaded have been updated, either before or after my purchase. It would be nice to have visibility to that -- or at least a version history. If this doesn't exist and it something I should be posting on the suggestions forum instead, I can do that.
Roll20 Team
Hi Sean - thanks for the great question! For module and addon products, there is a patch notification on the game page to notify you of an update to your game. For art packs, this does not exist. It is entirely up to creators how they manage their publicity around launches and updates. They are always welcome to include patch notes in their product, update their product page description to show patch notes, post on the marketplace forums, etc. There is no built in, opt in way for creators to notify anyone who has purchased, and that is a great suggestion for both general and the suggestion forums!
Thanks, Dean. I'll give it a shot on the suggestions forums and see how it fares.