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[LFG]: noobie in role play and D&D

hi, i consider myself completely new to d&d, I had an year of experience of D&D 3,5 years ago during which the max of roleplaying was "i punch the thing", that makes me very new to the concept of role play and roll20. But i'm looking forward to change that. I don't care what edition or if the game is homebrew, i just want to play with capable people,  learn from them, enjoy the game and world. I would like to play a strange PG and keep in character, experience the world and develop in it. The day can be choose as for time preferable between 20:00 and 00:00 GMT +1
Roleplaying is what is is about. Have you ever played Pathfinder
No, I  never played Pathfinder
if your willilng to learn we are starting up a new game now , we'de be happy to show you
pathfinder is almost the same as 3.5, but better balanced