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Compendium as an app

As a value added, you should seriously consider releasing a simple app that members can access their purchased compendium products.  Right now only D&D beyond offers this. Yes, I know they are not a direct competitor of yours but they are an indirect competitor. They siphon disposable funds from your users to access online tools you are not able to provide.  A common discussion I have with fellow players is why do I have to spend money on roll20 and D&D beyond as well as hard cover books etc.... Before you get into the specifics of not apples to apple and OGL... Yes I get it.  But what is being missed is the opportunity to hone in on market share from an indirect competitor who is effecting your over all sales.  I currently own the 3 core hard copy books, and have currently purchased the same on roll20 (because I see the value in what roll20 offers).  I am interested in getting additional compendiums like Xanathar's Guide to Everything, but I do not see the value in getting a hard copy to reference, as well as the roll20 version. Currently the only value added for the roll20 version is to use it while playing the game itself, not as a stand alone reference resource.  If you were to create the app that members can search their purchases compendiums, you would increase your market share by providing the required need of a resource book that users can access without buying from D&D beyond or the hard copies.  It just makes business sense. 
B Simon Smith
Marketplace Creator
They may not have the license agreement to create such an App, as it would then put them directly in competition with the company that makes D&D Beyond.
maybe, but I doubt it. I am not privy to the actual terms signed by roll20 or wikia inc / (owner operators of DnD beyond further refererred to "the other guys") but what I skimmed from the OGL document provided on WOTC site,&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> &nbsp;it does not seem so.&nbsp; Further unless WOTC has some skin in the game with "the other guys" they would not care who sold what in regard to online content. They may begin to worry about profits from their hard copy sales, but that is also not a huge initial concern and one shared with many companies, Pay affiliate fees for driven traffic (less margin) or build up our own organ traffic (more margin - harder uphill battle). But that is taking us off topic, which is:&nbsp; it just makes business sense to provide the tool.&nbsp;
Sorry, in addition, Roll20 are currently providing the compendium in-browser format; so I cannot see the delivery medium being a factor for the license agreement.&nbsp; The in-browser experience is ok , but not quite the same as an app formatted to fit on mobile.
Stephanie B.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
The mobile apps for android and iOS provide access to the compendium. I know the mobile apps don't work for everyone, but that's how I bring all my game books with me to the table when I go to conventions.
The mobile app is tablet only :(&nbsp; cannot access with phones - at least the iOS version, I cannot speak to the android.
Stephanie B.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
That's true. I got the app working on my android phone, but it's certainly off-label and not ideal.

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Again, from a business point of view- it makes sense to produce a multi-platform app that provides the search and find features users will deem worth buying the add on compendiums from roll20. Value (cost and quality) needs to be there - and they will (buyers) come.&nbsp;
Roll20 Dev Team
Roll20 Team
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