Greetings! This morning we pushed code with the following changes: Bug Fixes The In-App "Purchase Asset" window now displays properly. Games that you have left (not been kicked) no longer show in the Character Vault game dropdowns. When players leave a game (not been kicked), they no longer count towards compendium use. Raw HTML fixed when failing to login to an account when accepting an invite, and in Roll20 notification emails. Character Sheets Pathfinder: Supplementary attacks roll correctly if no attack modifier is selected now. Cypher System: The roll template is now translatable. Starfinder: Deleting repeating items now changes the modifiers applied. Chronicles of Darkness: Sheetworker cleanup. DnD 5e by Roll20: Cleaned up the initiative function. If you haven't  read the road map , check it out. Looking for previous release notes?  Read the full list on the wiki , or check out the  most recent note .